Millet Based Drink Processing Plant

In the recent past, Indian kitchens have evolved. But the best thing about it is that we have proudly gone back to our roots. We now have started to realize how important it is to have healthy foods. And this is where millets come into the picture. And, the best way to consume millets is in the form of a drink. Millet-based drinks are the latest trend and people want to grab the best quality them. For that, you need the best millet-based drinks plants. Having said that, not everyone can produce such drinks. We proudly say that we are the best millet-based drinks manufactures.

Those who are in the millet-based drink business know that if they need the best plant, NK Dairy Equipments offers high-quality machinery. Millet is one of the traditional foods. This is what our ancestors ate and we have moved one step ahead now. Yes, we have started to consume it in liquid form. People are getting interested in millet drinks because they are gluten-free.

Produce millet-based drinks of the highest quality

There are many types of millets like foxtail millet, ragi, pearl millet finger millets, little millets, proso millets, barnyard millets and kodo millets. No matter which millet a manufacturer is using to produce these drinks, they all have one in thing common – ample amounts of nutrition. Hence, you need a plant that can keep the food’s nutritional value intact and produce the drink in a way that serves the purpose best. The best way to consume millets is in liquid form.

How do millet based drink plants work?

There are various stages of a millet-based drink plant’s working. It starts with material selection. You need to select the raw material to be used. As told, there are many types of millets. So, which millet to use, the flavour it should have, and the quantities of different ingredients matter the most. Then it comes to raw material pretreatment. It involves water boiling and then comminution. After that, procedures like filtering or solid fraction and cooling are done. And, then standardization and homogenization are done before preparing the product for the final packaging.
Sounds like too much work? But, don’t worry; our millet-based drink-making plant makes the whole process simple. Once you have bought our plant for your millet drink production, you don’t have to worry at all. The drinks produced will be of the highest quality and all the industry standards will be met.
So, if you make the best use of the current trend of producing millet-based drinks, you need the support of the best manufacturers of these plants. And, guess what! You have found us already. Get on with it now. Feel free to call us!

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