Malt Based Drink Processing

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High quality steel product

  • High Efficiency
  • Reliable Performance
  • Customizable Machinery
  • Copper wired motors
  • 100*100 meters area required

This procedure is referred to as “malting” before processing. And when it comes to the best manufacturers of malt-based beverage machines, the only name you can trust is NK Dairy Equipments.

Have you ever heard of malt-based drinks? The malt-based beverage is a fermented beverage. The primary component of the malt-based beverage is grain or barley seed that has been allowed to sprout normally. This procedure is referred to as “malting” before processing. And when it comes to the best manufacturers of malt-based beverage machines, the only name you can trust is NK Dairy Equipments. Not many companies around make malt-based drinks-making machines. There are a few of them. And if you want to get the best quality machinery, then the only name that you can trust is ours. We are in the business for several years and know what it takes to produce flawless machinery. India is the largest market for malt-based beverages, accounting for 22% of the world’s retail volume sales. As far as beverages for children are concerned, the market for malted-based health drinks has performed successfully. Malt contains half the sweetness of regular sugar and is typically used as a healthy substitute sweetener. In India, malt-based beverages are commonly recognized as healthy drinks. While well-known marketers have marketed these beverages as nutritional drinks, they are typically used as milk flavour enhancers to encourage children to drink more milk. Malt is among the most diuretic drinks. The malt-based beverages include carbs that have been extensively broken down and are, therefore, easier for humans to digest. Malt can be added to a low-protein diet as a dietary supplement. More than 30 vital minerals, metals, and vitamins A, D, and E are included in malt beverages. Folic acid is an essential vitamin present in malt-based beverages. Millet processing is time-consuming, which is why machines are available to help. You may be aware that, both in India and internationally, demand for millets is rising steadily. More and more consumers are looking for premium millet grains to incorporate into their diets. Using the best millet processing machinery is what makes this possible.

Machine for Milling Millet

As processing is time-consuming and laborious, doing it manually is a difficult task. There’s a lot of boring work involved, actually. Looking at the entire procedure, from washing to removing stones and other impediments to the grain, before sending it through the mill, you’ll realize that it’s quite a lengthy and involved operation. To remove the husk from millets, which are very securely bonded to the grains, a lot of force is needed in the processing steps. The millet processing here involves the application of two forces: shear and impact. The process involves the application of shear force, as shown in the video above, and impact force, as shown in the image below. We can provide an entire malt-based beverage processing system, beginning with receiving malt extract, blending with water and sugar syrup, homogenization, pasteurization/ sterilization, and filling. We have cutting-edge production facilities for Equipment with CE and 3A certifications. In addition, we have independent R&D facilities to develop next-generation, energy-efficient, and highly efficient equipment for the food and beverage industry. The Indian government recognizes and supports our research and development facility.

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