Leading manufacturers of dairy equipment

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NK Dairy Equipment offers an extensive selection of dairy equipment. Our equipment find application in both large and small plants. As one of the leading Dairy Equipment Manufacturers, our organization is committed to become a one-stop shop for all dairy equipment and machinery. All of these products adhere to international quality requirements and are food-grade to ensure that no batch of milk is contaminated during processing. Customer satisfaction and quality are our top priorities. We make every effort to achieve complete client satisfaction by supplying high-quality Dairy Milk Equipment.

Why Invest In Our Dairy Plant’s Equipment?

Tested for Quality – These products are tested several times against a variety of characteristics at various stages of production. It aids us in guaranteeing quality of the highest caliber.

Competitive Pricing – Our items are reasonably priced, so you don’t have to pay a bunch to obtain them.

Raw Materials of the Highest Quality – We acquire our raw materials from the nation’s leading suppliers. This substance contributes to its durability.

Our organization is renowned as one of the leading exporters and suppliers of small dairy equipment in India. Dial our phone immediately if you are interested in purchasing our Dairy Processing Equipment. Liquid Milk Processing, Standardization, Homogenization & Storage Processing applications for dairy milk and dairy by-products.

We design, engineer, and supply plants, processing lines, and equipment for treating raw milk, as well as for manufacturing, filling, and packaging pasteurized pouch milk, UHT milk packed in aseptic packaging, and milk-based products including Curd, Lassi, Yogurt (all types), Flavored Milk, Milk Beverages, Ice Cream Mix Processing, Paneer, and cheese.

Our processing systems and complete process lines have been designed to ensure that every stage of milk processing, from milk reception and clarification, to heat-based pasteurization and homogenization, to final product processing and storage, satisfies the strictest safety requirements without destroying the milk’s valuable nutrients.

Standardization of Pasteurized Milk Fat/SNF and Cream Production

NK Dairy Equipment is the most favored manufacturer of dairy processing equipment, providing solutions for the production of milk fat products such as butter and ghee. Our equipment and plants are designed with knowledge of every stage of milk fat processing, from the reception of raw milk to buffer tanks, pasteurization, homogenization, ripening tanks, butter churning, butter melting, heating, cooling, storage, and filling. Whether the end product is ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook, or used as an ingredient in the food business, our processing line solution guarantees the highest quality, flavor, and texture.

Full-scale Dairy Automation

Full plant integration beginning with Milk Reception and concluding with Product Packing, assuring optimal efficiency at all stages, product safety, and minimal waste. Our Dairy Automation Solutions are designed to collect process data for real-time monitoring of performance and product quality.

We generate reports that enable preventive maintenance to maintain the system’s consistency and dependability. As a responsible manufacturer of dairy processing equipment, by providing you with access to all relevant real-time operating data, we can help you acquire a better knowledge of what is occurring in your plant, which will result in enhanced plant performance.


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