Experienced Manufacturers Of Flavoured Milk Plant System

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Milk is recommended as one of the staple arts of the diet for people of all ages. The ingredient is loaded with nutrients and vitamins, and also helps in the preparation of some quick and easy snacks. Children often don’t want to drink milk, as they don’t like its taste. This is why flavored milk was introduced into the market, and it has gained great hype.

To cater to the increasing needs for flavored milk in the market we are manufacturing flavored milk plant. This plant will be a great addition to your dairy business, and you will be able to supply flavored milk to the market and earn more profits. NK Dairy Equipments is into producing plants for all kinds of dairy products for several years now.

Flavoured Milk Plant Of All Sizes

Based on the specific needs of different businesses, we custom-make machines so that they are best suited to the preferences of our clients. The plant manufactured at our unit is produced using quality products only, to make sure the quality of milk is not lost, rather its taste enhancing as a result of adding flavors to it.

Inexpensive Flavoured Milk Plant

With exceptional industry experience, we have attained the position of leading flavored milk plant supplier in the industry. We have gained great expertise over the years, and have also developed the art of offering unmatched quality at competitive rates. During the manufacturing process, we leverage optimum quality products in combination with cutting-edge technology to offer the best milk processing solution.

All our units are up to international standards to make sure our clients receive the machinery that is worth the cost paid. We make sure to match international standards so that our customers can skyrocket their dairy business. The machinery manufactured by us is all easy to use and is widely used by businesses operating in the dairy industry.

Components Of Flavour Milk Manufacturing Plant

The food processing equipment that we have manufactured at our unit is made from food-grade components to ensure that the beverage made is completely safe for consumption. The plant is a highly productive food processing equipment. The components used to produce the entire machinery are sourced from reputed brands to ensure top quality.

The flavored milk plant manufactured are energy efficient and have automated functions so that the user can operate them easily. Every step during the operation is managed by the PLC controller to maintain next-level precision. Other benefits of using our flavored milk plant include consistent performance, low operation noise, a power-supplying system in three phases, and complete utilization of an ergonomic gearbox.

The flavored milk plant of our unit contains some key aspects to ensure the desired output is obtained. The plant contains the following components to ensure smooth operations and efficiency.

  • Sterilizer of a glass bottle that can easily sterilize up to 1000 bottles.
  • A flavor mixing tank.
  • Adequate working temperature to obtain the desired results.
  • Steam pressure to ensure the working of the ready batch.
  • Capping, bottle filling, and labeling machines.
  • A testing pressure.

Operations Of Flavoured Milk Plant

We supply flavored milk plants to dairy businesses on a turnkey basis. The method of producing flavored milk starts by standardizing the required milk to an optimum level of desired fat and an appropriate percentage of SNF. The milk is then heated, clarified, and homogenized in the same container. The desired amount of flavor is then added as per the prescribed amount to provide flavor to the milk.

For instance, to produce chocolate milk, cocoa powder can be added, or for the production of strawberry flavored milk, strawberry essence can be added. As per requirement, you can add colors as well to make the milk look yummy.

Why NK Dairy Equipment?

Several features are added to the machinery to cater to all specific needs when it comes to producing flavored milk. To help dairy businesses make the most of their creativity and innovation, we offer exceptional solutions.

NK Dairy Equipment constructs its milk plants to produce fluency and smooth operations. Order a plant to get all your specific needs of dairy businesses catered to.


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