Affordable Khoya Making Machinery

Serving the businesses operating in the dairy industry for years now, we are now well aware of the specific needs of all. NK Dairy Equipments is serving dairy businesses with the best solution to help them thrive in the industry. Our machines are all produced using quality materials to ensure durability each time you purchase one. We offer a range of food processing plants to help businesses operate smoothly.

One of the best solutions offered is Khoya making a plant that helps manufacture khoya or mawa from milk. The entire production of manufacturing khoya can be carried out in our single machine so that you save a lot of effort and time. We are a leading khoya-making machine manufacturer offering the best output after it is used to process mawa.

Durable Khoya Plant

We make it a point to guarantee hassle-free and convenient operations to our customers. With the help of our machinery, they can deliver mawa at much cheaper rates to the market. We have a range of customers right from the ones who are into making sweets, and also the wholesale suppliers of mawa. This means that our machines are the perfect solution to cater to all scales of production needs.

Expert Khoya Making Manufacturers

Being a leader in making machinery for dairy businesses we have expertise in tailoring the systems as per all specific needs. Be it anything you want to incorporate into the machinery, we will help you get things sorted. This machinery helps sweet makers and khoya makers by cutting the efforts and time it takes to make khoya manually.

To help people deliver more khoya quickly to the market, we have manufactured this machinery. We make sure to get the quality of the machinery checked so that it is used for a longer time. After using our khoya plant, you will be able to produce optimum quantities of khoya in a short turnaround time.

High-Quality Khoya Plant For The Dairy Industry

When you purchase a khoya making system from NK Dairy Equipment, all you need is raw milk, and your khoya will be ready in some time. With no major efforts, labor and resources, you will get healthy and fresh khoya made.

Several different models are produced for the khoya plant to serve different purposes. Moreover, we supply affordable machinery to cater to the varied needs and preferences of all our clients.

Khoya Plant Have Multiple Uses

The khoya plant manufactured at our unit is highly versatile and has changed the way sweets were made previously. The entire process is completely hygienic and automated to produce different types of sweets. The machines available have a simple design and fulfill a large number of requirements. The uses of the Khoya plant are listed below:

  • Basundi/Rabadi Preparation.
  • Khoya Preparation From Raw Milk.
  • Ghee Preparation.
  • Roasting Of Masalas.
  • Making Kundas, Khoya Barfi, Kaju Katlis.
  • Milk Condensation.

Besides the ones listed above, the khoya plant has several other uses. Take your sweet business to the next level by using our khoya plant. This single machinery serves a variety of needs and results in fast and easy sweet making. Don’t just take our word for that. You can check our reviews online and you will find out why we are best in the business.

Contact our team to have a clear idea of the machinery available and how it will serve your purpose.

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